The Do It Yourself AC Maintenance Guide for Homeowners

HVAC systems are essential for homes and offices to give you the ultimate comfort. It controls the temperature of the living space and gives you a place to relax. AC systems are not just a single unit but a larger machine of many small components that work in harmony to keep the temperature in control.

If you are wondering why to invest in air conditioner maintenance unless the system stopped working, we have an answer for you. Annual maintenance and regular inspection keep your system running smoothly and also eliminate any heavy repair costs.

Developing an Ac Maintenance Plan

Best Maintenance Period

If you are planning to make a preventative plan for our AC, you need to start as soon as you get the device. In the manual, you will find how to service the HVAC system. There are many parts in the device itself that require different intervals between servicing. If you are not certain, call the customer service or local dealer of the company.

Everyday Usage of the Device

You should monitor how long you are using the AC every day. This may differ based on the month or your availability in the place. However, having an idea of the average running time of the device will also determine the home air conditioning servicing schedule.

Step-By-Step Guide to Ac Maintenance That You Can Do Yourself

Cleaning the Exterior

Condensers of air cooling devices are mostly found outside. You have to listen closely for an unusual sound.

Shut Down the Mains

Never keep your AC running during the air conditioning maintenance process. You can turn it off at the main electrical panel as well.

Remove Debris

Usually, you will find a lot of dust and debris stuck on the condenser. Take a clean dry cloth and carefully remove them or you can use a slime-like material to collect it.

Clear the Air Conditioner Fins

The fins are tricky to clean. Start with a brush to remove the buildup. If you cannot use the brush, use a knife to scrape off anything from the fins.

Clean Out the Condenser Fan

The fan is typical storage of dust and debris. If the dry cloth is not working you can use a damp cloth. Dry it completely before turning on the system.

Cleaning Fins

If the fins are very dirty, use a spray bottle or garden hose to spray adequate water. However while doing so, make sure the fan motor does not get any splash of water. If your fan motor is not sealed, use electric motor oil to keep it running smoothly.

Internal Unit

Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil door is situated inside the device. Start with a brush to remove any debris there. Use no-rinse coil cleansers are great for cleaning this part as well.

Evaporator Drain

The evaporator drain removes excess water and becomes a breeding ground for molds and algae. This is responsible for the foul smell. If you have a vacuum cleaner, you can use this to remove the buildup in the evaporator drain. Otherwise, use a brush.

Blower Filter

If your room is prone to dust, change your blower filter every 6 months. Change it before and after the summer months.

When to Call the Professionals

If you are wondering how to service an AC unit, don’t worry. Contact a servicing company in your locality.

Before Installing

You should consult professionals for air conditioner installation in Orange County. They will help you to get the right size AC unit for your place. They will discuss the cooling area, temperature, and duration to give you the right choice.

Annual Maintenance

When you are done with the regular cleaning, you should ask professionals. Servicing the air conditioner once or twice a year should be sufficient. They will look after all the internal parts and minor issues. Experienced professionals will detect and fault even if there is no unusual sound or behavior.

Issues in Circuits

The air conditioning circuits are complex and difficult to handle without proper knowledge. Professionals with the right tools and experience will make sure there are no electrical issues in wires, motors, and tunes.

Compressor Issues

If the compressor is turning on and off, you may wonder how to service the air conditioner. This is not easy as there may be an underlying issue. Restarting puts a lot of strain on the system. There can be a variety of reasons for this issue hence a professional can only detect it.

Benefits of Ac Servicing

AC systems are expensive and they last a long time. Continuous usage creates minor wear and tear. As these systems run for a long time on a day-to-day basis, this wear and tear become impossible to avoid. Some of the benefits of AC maintenance are mentioned below

Minimal Repair Bills

When your system breaks down and you call for repairs, it will take a significant amount of money. You can check for unusual noise coming from the system to detect any faulty parts. Do not ignore even very little sound as it may turn into a bigger issue.

Your Place Stays Comfortable For Years

As the system performs well for a long when maintained, you will always stay comfortable. You will never have to stay in a hot room. HVAC servicing and cleaning also make sure there are no foul smells coming from your AC.

Reduced Utility Bill

If you pay a hefty amount of utility bill that may be because of not maintaining your AC. AC and other electronic devices consume more energy with time. A simple clean-up will give you an idea of how much you can save on utility bills with regular maintenance.

Increased Safety

Servicing AC makes sure that the system is safe to use. Electrical faults are a common occurrence with AC. The maintenance makes sure there are no internal faults that can result in shock. Although rate, a faulty AC can take one’s life.

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  1. Thanks for explaining how you could use AC maintenance to ensure that your unit runs without issues. I can see how this could help individuals who recently bought a cooling unit for their living space. I think homeowners should consider finding a professional that can do this for them so they can avoid making mistakes!

  2. Not long ago, my fiance’s parents mentioned they’d like to invest in new heating and cooling systems for their house. Their current HVAC units keep failing, so they think it’s time to upgrade them. While they find a professional HVAC technician, I’ll email your advice about annual maintenance and how it helps detect issues on time.

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